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Children’s Dentistry: A Parent’s Perspective

Everyday I’m with my daughter, it seems I discover a fresh perspective on the world. Often times it can be frustrating, such as when I tell my daughter to finish the food on her plate. Later when I ask her why she hasn’t finished her salad, she says to me, “But daddy, the salad is in a bowl, not a plate.” My daughter takes things literally to the extreme when convenient, yet she is imaginative and figurative when the level of fun suits her to do so. When we went to Disneyland, my favorite moments of the trip were when we watched the parade and fireworks show at night, and her eyes lit up watching the princesses of her fairy tales come to life and watching magic explode into the night sky.

Knowing all this, you might think it’s common knowledge to me that children’s dentistry is of paramount importance. When I say children’s dentistry, I don’t just mean a child being able to visit the dentist. I mean a dentist specifically catering to a child. Not just to the teeth, but to the heart and imagination that every child possesses.

A dentist that specializes in children’s dentistry is necessary in making every child’s visit to the dentist a pleasant one, ensuring a future of proper dental hygiene from a developed education in teeth care. It’s not just about being educated: it has got to be fun too. Here’s a couple short stories that help me explain why I feel children’s dentistry is important and why visiting a specialist in this field is of vital importance.

One of My Daughter’s First Lost Teeth

dlpca_castleicon2nc_20160808_7767332979The silliest disagreement I’ve ever gotten into with my daughter occurred at 9 o’clock at night. My daughter was  already an hour later to bed than I wanted her to be for school the next morning and she was thinking of every excuse possible to delay the inevitable. After reading her two stories, I presented her tooth I had been holding for her that she lost the day before.

“Now Aurora,” I began, “we need to place this tooth on your nightstand so the tooth fairy will come get it.”

“No that’s not right daddy. It has to be under my pillow.”

I didn’t want to put it under her pillow. I had done that once before and almost woke her up trying to retrieve it. Another time I couldn’t find the tooth in the darkness and thought it got lost somehow. When Aurora found the money, and the tooth, she put the tooth back under her pillow and expected the tooth fairy would be doubling up the payout. I didn’t want that happening again! Unfortunately, I had placed the tooth on the nightstand with no problem the night before, but I realized late at night I didn’t have any cash on me so was going to have to do it again tonight.

“Listen Aurora, the tooth doesn’t have to be under the pillow. The tooth fairy will see it.”

“Well daddy,” Aurora began and I panicked, knowing that no good sentence from my daughter started with ‘well’. “She didn’t see it last night so we should put it under my pillow tonight.”

“Aurora, she will find the tooth. I promise.”

“But daddy,” she said with tears in her eyes, “she won’t find my tooth again if you don’t listen to me!”

I can’t think of a more dramatic example of child logic versus adult logic, but in the end Aurora won the battle and I found myself searching in the dark for a tooth at 2 in the morning.

When my daughter visits the dentist and is asked her name, she always says, “My name’s Aurora.” I know when the dentist is prepared to handle kids because they often ask, “Like the princess?” to which my daughter replies, “Yes. Like the princess.”

Similar to my daughter’s objections to placing a tooth on a nightstand instead of under a pillow, a child will have unusual objections to visiting a dentist. It takes an imagination that can keep up with a child to keep them feeling safe and comfortable.

My Daughter’s First Cavity

dca_animationchar2_20160805_388262775424I remember my daughter’s first cavity and the fear she had in visiting the dentist for her visit to fix it. It wasn’t enough for her mother to accompany her on the trip, she wanted me there as well. As my daughter walked with me to the room where she’d get her treatment, I felt her hand squeeze mine much tighter than usual. It was almost as tight as I’d squeeze hers when we wandered through crowds and I kept her as close as possible. My daughter normally has a very light grasp and calls my grasp, “Daddy tight” but now her grasp was rivaling my own. “I’m scared daddy,” she said. “It will be fine, sweetheart,” I reassured her.

But when we visited the dentist, her demeanor changed. She smiled and laid back in the chair like she was about to go on vacation. She relaxed immediately, even before they used the gas. The reason for this? It wasn’t just her daddy being there for her. It was the demeanor of the dentist treating her. It truly makes  a huge difference.

These are just a couple short stories to give you an idea about the mind of a child and why children’s dentistry is important. However, if you want to experience the difference and live in Southern California, visit a new dental practice at 1233 E 4th St, Suite B, Ontario, CA 91764. The location is appropriately named, “City Dental Kids & Braces”.

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