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Going to the dentist will never be the same again!

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Dental Designed With Kids in Mind

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Welcome to City Dental Kids, a dental office designed with kids in mind. At City Dental Kids & Braces, your child’s dental visit will not only be fun but specially tailored for your kid’s dental experience! With iPads in the waiting room, awesome prizes, and movies to watch throughout the treatment, our patients can’t wait to come back for their next visit.

Our staff is specially trained to treat infants, kids, preteens, teenagers, and children with special needs. After all, everyone deserves the level of care that they deserve. Additionally, City Dental Kids in West Covina provides sedation dentistry and nitrous therapy to give your child the most comfortable experience possible during his or her visit.

Pediatric Dentist & Orthodontic Experts

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City Dental Kids is a new kind of experience for children to enjoy. The office is brightly colored, inviting, and the doctors are specially trained in meeting the needs of kids.

Whether your child is having their first dental exam or ready to get their braces, City Dental Kids is a new experience for them to feel comfortable and have fun going to the dentist.

When your children can enjoy visiting the dentist, this promotes healthy oral habits into adulthood.

Services We Offer

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Teeth Cleaning

Comprehensive Oral Exams
Digital X-Rays
Flouride Treatments

Children’s Braces

Braces Design
Conditioning & Placement
Braces Adjustments

Cavity & Tooth Repair

Root Canal Therapy
Chipped Teeth
Children’s Sedation Dentistry

Additional Treatments

Pediatric Dental Sealants
Tooth Color Filling
Dental Crowns & Caps

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