Improving Health and Dental Hygiene

With summer approaching, school coming to a close, and kids looking forward to some fun in the sun, parents need to be prepared for safe, fun activities for their kids to participate in. However this isn’t just about activities they will participate in over the summer, but also the diet they will eat when barbecues become frequent and staying over at friends’ houses becomes more commonplace. However, improving health and dental hygiene may not be your child’s top priority.

Is summer a time for kids to completely slack off from responsibilities of diet, proper exercise, and education? City Dental Kids & Braces doesn’t think so. We see summer as an opportunity to reinforce many good habits in your kids that can ultimately affect their overall health and dental hygiene. Some ways will be detailed further.

Keep Your Kids Active

Remember that an active lifestyle promotes a healthy immune system. This promotes healthy teeth and gums, improving health and dental hygine in kids.

Keeping your children active doesn’t have to be just chores like mowing the lawn or keeping their rooms clean. Just get them outside! Children generally like to get out of the house, but some are choosing to stay in as video games and computer games become more and more addictive. Tell your kids to put the Roblox or Minecraft away and get some sunshine!

You can encourage your kids to be active by enrolling them in summer sports or buying a large trampoline for exercise in the back yard. Make sure to always provide kids with sunscreen on hot days!

Improving Health and Dental Hygiene With A Proper Diet

Summer is a great time for barbeques, sodas, and sugary chips. It’s also a great time for cavities! Remember that while it may be fun to break from the norm in terms of your children’s diet during the summer, it’s not a good idea to spend all summer eating foods you shouldn’t eat. It’s no different from overeating sweets during Halloween! Take care of children and maintain a healthy diet for them. If you do a lot of barbequing, take steps to make meals healthy and ensure your kids never miss their second brushing every day. A third may even be recommended if sugary sodas, juices, candy, or other unhealthy foods were part of their day!

Beyond that, summer is also a big time for kids to crave ice cream and iced tea while playing in the sun! These things may be the most wonderful thing in the world during a hot, summer day, but they are also not the best for you. If your goal is improving health and dental hygiene, make sure your kids don’t overdo it on sweets!

In addition, if your kids will be spending a lengthy amount of time with extended family, friends, or at a summer camp, always make sure you have an idea of what your child is eating during their time away from you. You don’t want them to come back with cavities!

Keep Your Children Mentally Active

Besides just keeping your kids physically active, make sure your kids take time for mental stimulation as well. Get your child reading both independently and with you at night if they still enjoy a good bed time story. Keeping your kids mentally prepared over the summer makes things a lot easier for when they return to school after summer. Remember that falling behind happens for every child to some degree over the summer from where they were before. Taking extra steps to keep your child reading, writing, and more during the summer will help minimize the difficulty in transitioning back to school after the summer has ended.

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